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Compulsory items:

  • Grey or black skirt, pinafore, trousers or shorts
  • Red or white polo shirt
  • School sweatshirt or cardigan or plain red school-style jumper or school-style cardigan
  • Strong flat shoes or black/dark blue trainers (not laces, unless for additional needs or unless a child can manage his/her own laces)

PE Kit:

  • Red or White Polo shirt or T-shirt
  • Black or dark blue PE shorts OR Jogging bottoms/leggings
  • Black or dark blue Trainers

Please do not send your child to school on non PE days in jogging bottoms or leggings. 


  • In the summer, red and white gingham may be worn.
  • St Paul's branded fleeces

St Paul's branded uniform can be purchased through the school office or by clicking here to visit our online store.

Generic, non-branded uniform can be purchased at most large supermarkets. 

A small amount of second-hand uniform is available for purchase through the PTA, please contact the office to purchase. 

If your child qualifies for Pupil Premium, uniform is offered at a discounted price. Please contact the office to place an order. Payment exceptions will be made at the discretion of the headteacher, please contact the office if you are struggling financially.  


  • A clear plastic sports top water bottle
  • A pair of grey, black or blue shorts, plus a red or white polo shirt or tee shirt, if one is not already worn to school as part of the day to day uniform. (For example, where a red and white gingham dress is worn to school)


Hair that is of shoulder length or longer must be fully tied back in a pony-tail, bunches or plait.


For the safety of all, jewellery such as necklaces and bracelets should be kept for out-of-school use. If a child has pierced ears, earrings should ideally also be kept for out-of-school use, however, parentsmay choose for their child to wear small stud earrings to school. Parents must appreciate that children are active at playtimes, during curriculum time throughout the school day as well as specific PE lessons.

The Association for Physical Education (afPE) strongly recommends the practice of removing all personal effects at the commencement of every lesson to establish a safe working environment and this is certainly something that will be expected for certain lessons and as the children move on into Junior and Secondary
schools and/or as they join clubs and start to compete. This recommendation is made on the basis of safety/preventing injury, for example, a piecing could enter the bone behind the ear should an unintentional blow be received from someone or some item of equipment, such as a ball.

Parents should consider the risks before choosing to send their child into school wearing small stud earrings. It is good practice for earrings to be removed at least for PE lessons and many parents will choose not to send their child into school wearing earrings on PE days. Where a child is mature enough to remove their own pierced earrings and put them back they will be encouraged to do so.

If a child wears a time-telling or a fitness watch, it should be named on the reverse or on the strap. It is expected that it is for the purpose of telling the time or measuring fitness. If a child is wasting valuable school time playing with a watch, the class teacher will take it from the child and return it to the parent at the end of the day.

All clothing and footwear must be named.

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